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Andy Duarte

I am working towards becoming a software developer. Graduated from Horn Lake High School and now currenty a student in Base Camp Coding Academy. Where I picked up the skills of Python, Django, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, Spring Boot |



The purpose of this program is to translate any language intoanother language of your choice. This is possible with the help of importing googletrans into the program. You can redirect a file if you want to read it in a different language, there are 106 languages you can choose from. As well as translating one input into multiple output languages.

Coded with: Python

Pygame Zombie Shooter

This project is a simple Pygame program about surviving a zombie outbreak. It will include a wave system, a high score system, zombies, and a player character to take them on. It will have a top-down perspective, with simple but colorful graphics.

Coded with: Pygame/PythonChef


This project will show my skills as a Software Developer, it will also give information about myself and the user will be able to view my past projects to see what I can do.

Coded with: HTML/CSSChef

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